Server Room Monitor

Server Room Monitor monitors the temperature and humidity of the server room area and alerts the maintenance personnel when the temperature/ humidity reaches the critical level.

Monitoring environment components of the server room will enable the companies to reduce the server down time and also save hardware costs. It is essential to maintain the temperature between 20°C and 24°C for Server’s reliable operation. So whenever the temperature crosses this level or any set level the maintenance personnel should be informed of this.


Server Room Monitor

Product Name : Server Room Monitor
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Server Room Monitor Enquiry

  • Buzzer or hooter local alert
  • Autodialer alert
  • SMS alert
  • Email alert


  • Pre Calibrated Sensor
  • Humidity accuracy : ±1.8%
  • Temperature accuracy : ±0.3C
  • Temperature resolution : ±0.01C
  • Humidity resolution : ±0.03%
  • Temperature Range : -40C to 123C
  • Humidity Range : 0 - 100%